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Wine Layman’s Review: 2016 Natura Malbec

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I’m always looking for things off the beaten path, especially wine that goes against the normal.  As a huge fan of Malbec, I decided to choose this wine as my first to review due to the fact that it has a small handful characteristics that aren’t usually found in this type of wine (or wines I drink in general).  Let’s end the suspense shall we?Here are the basics:

Name:  Natura
Wine type and vintage: 2016 Malbec
Country: Chile, South America (Valle de Rapel)
Produced by: Emiliana Organic Vineyards
Price I paid: $9.99

What it smells like (Aromas): Dark colored fruit. This might include cherries, plums, blackberries and other kinds of berries too numerous to name.

What it tastes like (On the palette):  Very smooth the second it hit my tongue. Extremely low to almost no acidity, fruit jumps right out (like the one’s mentioned above), plus an aftertaste that includes a very small trace of pepper.  Despite how opaque the wine looks, it’s easy to drink.  Light – almost medium body.  PLUS:  It’s not ultra dry (low – almost non-existent tannins). Your mouth will not shrivel up into a dry sponge.  My mouth actually said “Thank you!”

What food does it pair well with?  Malbec usually goes well with beef I’d say.  This particular Malbec’s strong fruit flavors would likely stand true to that, maybe even pork.  I did the vice versa thing and had fish with butter and lemon for dinner knowing full well I’d be drinking this wine.  Honestly, while the match wasn’t made in heaven, it wasn’t made in hell either.  The wine as mentioned was on the lighter side so it didn’t kill the taste of the tilapia, nor did the lemon/butter kill the taste of the wine’s fruit flavors.  I wouldn’t recommend this pairing but my point is, Natura Malbec is a very flexible wine.


Why did I say this wine goes against the normal?

1)  For starters, Natura Malbec needed not ONE SECOND OF BREATHING TIME. I poured, whiffed, tasted, and out came this review.  I usually let any wine I buy breathe in a glass for a minimum of 5 minutes (even if it doesn’t really need it).  I do this because I can’t remember a time where a wine I’ve bought hasn’t needed breathing even for just a little time. After all, wine has been sealed up in a bottle and sealed off from the outside for at least a year. A little assimilation is necessary.  BUT, this 2016 vintage needed none of that.

2)  This Malbec is from Chile.  Now, to the layman or novice not well versed in wine regions that are famous for certain wines, here’s the scoop:  As far as the continent of South America goes, Malbec is the dominant grape of Argentina. Don’t roll your eyes at me please.  Both South American countries, big deal, I get it.  But not so fast. Although I bought this wine seeing that it was a Malbec, I did not notice it was from Chile.  It’s just not something I see when I visit the Chilean section of any wine store I go into.  In fact, Chilean Malbec is usually mentioned as an afterthought:

“Although grown and bottled throughout the country of Argentina, Chile also has gained some notoriety…and so on.”   Plus more research will uncover that Chilean Malbecs have a different taste than Argentinian to them (just like I’ve explained here).

As a slight add on, I didn’t even notice that this wine was organic until I opened it.  I’m not into the whole organic movement just because marketing.  If I had seen that before buying the bottle I might have passed over it. But I didn’t and here I am telling you about how great I thought it was, not to mention the bang for the buck.

My final score 5/5


The Wine Layman’s Wine Reviews are the opinions of The Wine Layman only.  They are primarily used as a guide/educational documentation to help readers find avenues for wine they may want to try or explore in order to form their own taste for wine.  If readers share different opinions than those of the Wine Layman, they are encouraged to comment in the comments section of this review.  If they share similar opinions, he is also happy to hear what those thoughts are.  Wine is a conversation.  Whether in agreement or disagreement, let’s have one.

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