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A Simple History.

A long time ago in a wine country called Santa Barbara, California near the turn of the 21st century, my  passion for wine beyond the White Zinfandel I was permitted to drink at various holiday dinners at my parents’ dining room table was born.

Since that visit to Santa Barbara, my thirst for seeking out knowledge and developing a taste for wine simply through tasting new wines and experiencing as much as I possibly could through various travels over the years, has evolved into this vision I call Home Wine Tasting HQ.

 I’ve come across time and again, too many people who think wine is left to the in-crowd, there’s too much you NEED to know before you can drink wine and therefore can’t enjoy it and there’s no time to figure it all out in this lifetime.  Or there’s others who love wine but are fine just drinking what they know and stick to it.

I realized a long time ago that the old saying “Whatever you put into it, you’ll get out of it,” applies perfectly to wine.  Wine is something different for everyone and why wine was branded as a mythical drink that snobs enjoy is beyond me.

There is an entire world of wine and wine knowledge within easy reach and understanding.  I am honored to be your guide and look forward to sharing knowledge, wine and a lot of laughs with you.

Cheers and Best wishes,

Jason L. Kaplan
Founder and Head Knowledge Guide
Home Wine Tasting HQ

Jason Kaplan, Founder & Head Wine Knowledge Guide