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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Are you tired of seeing 500 articles about what wine goes with turkey that each say the same thing?  Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and the like.  There!  That’s my 2-second take on what goes well with turkey.  I was beaten to the punch and this is something you don’t need to read in one of my posts.  Honestly, any kind of wine will do.

If you haven’t figured out the drink situation for a day where the health nuts won’t bother you while you eat until rapture, I’m not going to be of any help to you now.  But where I can be of much help is where to find fantastic values on wine for the gift giving season that is upon us. If you want wine for yourself, I can also help.  Two words:  Wine Insiders.If you live in a neighborhood with a plethora of brick and mortar wine shops, liquor stores, or even your local Wegman’s, Trader Joe’s, or 7-11, naturally your first instinct is to run out and buy from those establishments.  You have your favorites and that’s fine.

But the internet holds a buried treasure called Wine Insiders.

What  is Wine Insiders and Why Do I Recommend Them?

Wine Insiders is an online wine retailer based in Los Angeles, CA.  While they do offer plenty of their own state’s product, they depend on sommeliers to taste wines from the world over to bring wine varietals and blends to their offerings that may not otherwise make it to market here in the US.  California, Australia, France, Italy, South Africa, and Spain are their main offerings and not a trace of White Zinfandel or Blush.

In addition, their wines come in all forms of buying options, from single bottles to packs of 15 wines to holiday arrangements.  My first experience with them was through a Groupon – between the Groupon and shipping, it was less for a pack of 15 wines than it was for a single bottle of a fine Bordeaux blend found in a retail store. But trust me, this doesn’t mean their wine sucks – very far from it actually.

Recommendation Reason #1

Wine Insiders doesn’t just offer deals, they offer STEALS!  Coupons and promotions are what they are all about.  If you’re reading thinking it’s just 5 percent, 10 percent discounts etc., not even close.  Start with the Groupon mentioned above, and with your email address, the deals begin to flow right in.  Regular offers on cases of 12 and packs of 15 wines hover around $80 – $95 with FREE SHIPPING.

The occasional $65-$70 case comes around when there’s an overstock as well.  In the end, if you buy a case, you are likely to get each bottle for around $5.50 – $8.00 a bottle.  Tax is nominal but since when does anyone escape this part. Lastly, the wine doesn’t take 3 weeks to arrive at your door.  Let’s try 3-5 business days from order to arrival. YIP!

Recommendation Reason #2

The wine (as far as my taste buds go) are plain fantastic.  It’s hard for me to tell you what wines you’ll like without tasting them, but in my experience with Wine Insiders, price and quality do NOT go hand in hand. Some of the wines, especially those from France, South Africa, and Italy do need time to breathe before you drink them, but the reward is worth waiting for.  From blends to single grape varietals, white to red and even sparkling, they’re all great. Value does not influence my taste either.  1 single bottle in my 2 year experience with Wine Insiders has been less than stellar and I told them so.  I likes my wines and value or not, I wants the goods!  The bottle was replaced within a week.

Recommendation Reason #3

The whole point:  Wine Insiders is a great source for gift giving.  You don’t just have to stick to the gift baskets or holiday arrangements either.  Buy that Groupon, get on their mailing list and start reaping the benefits.  Even better, these values will last all year long, not just during the holiday season.  Of course, only do it for those only of legal drinking age.  If someone under 21 somehow gets sick or overdoes it after you’ve bought wine for them, this article doesn’t exist and you don’t know me.

Any disadvantages to Wine Insiders?

If I were to think of one, it’s that the variety of regions from which the wines come from are limited and so are the producers.  Putting it another way, if you’re looking for wine from Texas or Croatia, Wine Insiders ain’t the place.  In time, that could change but that’s not up to me.  I’m just the messenger.

Start in one of three places:

Go directly to their website:  www.wineinsiders.com

Groupon or Living Social:  www.groupon.com, www.livingsocial.com

(Search “Wine Insiders” and let the fun begin).


Any thoughts? Leave a comment.