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#Wine Layman Recommends: Wine Insiders

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Are you tired of seeing 500 articles about what wine goes with turkey that each say the same thing?  Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and the like.  There!  That’s my 2-second take on what goes well with turkey.  I was beaten to the punch and this is something you don’t need to read in one of my posts.  Honestly, any kind of wine will do.

If you haven’t figured out the drink situation for a day where the health nuts won’t bother you while you eat until rapture, I’m not going to be of any help to you now.  But where I can be of much help is where to find fantastic values on wine for the gift giving season that is upon us. If you want wine for yourself, I can also help.  Two words:  Wine Insiders.

Wine Layman’s Review: 2016 Natura Malbec


I’m always looking for things off the beaten path, especially wine that goes against the normal.  As a huge fan of Malbec, I decided to choose this wine as my first to review due to the fact that it has a small handful characteristics that aren’t usually found in this type of wine (or wines I drink in general).  Let’s end the suspense shall we?

#Wine Layman’s #WineBox: July 21, 2017


Welcome to the first edition of The #Winebox – my version of what you might call a “mailbag” or “mailbox” consisting of comments and questions from followers pertaining to wine that cover any thing from #Alsace to #Zinfandel and all things in between. They come from Instagram @winelayman, Twitter @winelayman, Facebook /homewinetastinghq & through blog followers right here on this page.   Be forewarned, the comments/questions come from all over and the exchanges can be quite entertaining or boring depending on your point of view.  Anyone who doesn’t like entertainment or boredom, I suggest you leave the room now.  But seriously, let’s see what we have for today shall we?