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Home Wine Tasting HQ – Rules We Must Follow

Home Home Wine Tasting HQ – Rules We Must Follow

Wine is a conversation.  Wine is made all over the world. Wine is social. Wine has health benefits. WINE IS ALSO ALCOHOL!

The part above in all caps is not there to be condescending at all. But just like any entity that promotes the consumption of alcohol there are laws we must abide by, rules we must follow and public service announcements we must make so we can all enjoy ourselves without getting in trouble.


  • Nobody under the age of 21 is permitted to consume or handle any wine at a Home Wine Tasting HQ wine experience while a representative of Home Wine Tasting HQ is present.
  • Home Wine Tasting HQ is a wine tasting education and event planning entity. The wine we supply for wine tasting experiences are discussed with the host prior to the event, used as tasting samples during the event, and are a gift to the host & their guests. We are not a licensed seller of wine and no wine is available for sale at our wine experiences.  We do however, engage in donations for charitable functions, prize giveaways or any manner that does not include an on-site wine sales transaction of any kind.


  • For our wine tasting educational experiences, we will pour approximately a 2oz portion per wine. We do not want our guides to drink but to have a tasting sample in hand for ease of demonstration.
  • Spitoons must be provided at every one of our wine tasting experiences. Yes, this is the gross part. Especially for our guides who we don’t encourage to drink the wine.  Also, if you don’t love the wine, you’re not forced to taste all of it, just put it here.
  • Even though the portions of wine are 2oz or so, some people react to alcohol funny. Our guides are not the police or bouncers. If you or someone else is having a hard time controlling their actions, please do right by your group and get things under control or our guide will have to leave the premises with full payment in hand.
  • Our guides show up with wine that’s been agreed upon between the host and the wine guide prior to the event. However,  if there is anything unsatisfactory at the event, we will do everything to insure that your complaint is addressed quickly and to your liking within reasonable terms.


  • If you are pregnant, taking medication that doesn’t mix well with alcohol, or have a medical condition where you know you shouldn’t be drinking any kind of alcoholic beverage, play it safe and sit it out. You know you better than we know you. We aren’t responsible for anything other than what we came to your home/business to do.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Get a ride home from someone who is not intoxicated.  Trust us, many small tastes of different wines can intoxicate you.
  • Drink responsibly. If you happen to grab a few extra wine sips from someone else & it goes straight to your head, try to remain calm, grab some water, food, stick your face in ice, or remove yourself from the situation. If you have trouble handling your alcohol think about it before you engage. Please don’t spoil everyone’s good time.