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Home Wine Tasting HQ – Privacy Policy

Home Home Wine Tasting HQ – Privacy Policy

How does Home Wine Tasting HQ use your personal information?

Your personal information is one of our primary concerns.  You provide information to us through this website and it will be kept confidential.

We will never, without your opt-in permission provide offers from third parties looking to sell retail or any service not properly vetted personally by you or by Home Wine Tasting HQ.  The only offers you should receive are from Home Wine Tasting HQ through our newsletter, or communications via email from our customer service department, knowledge guides or in response to requests you make to form submissions to The Drinkcast or any other form submission on http://homewinetastinghq.com.  If you wish to opt-out of our newsletter, you can either do that via the mechanism at the bottom of the newsletter itself or contact customer service and we will do it for you the same day.

If you receive offers from independent sources other than Home Wine Tasting HQ or a source with our name on it that you feel you’ve received in error, please identify these offers as SPAM or contact our customer service department immediately.

Coming soon – we will be placing minimal advertising on http://www.homewinetastinghq.com from related wine retailers.  If you decide to click on one of these advertisements, you will be taken to another website that is not the property of Home Wine Tasting HQ.  We do this for the benefit of those who are interested in purchasing wine from sources we recommend.  However once you leave our website, you may decide to make purchases through these related retailers or “affiliates” and the privacy policy that Home Wine Tasting HQ has put forth here will cease to apply. 

We are very pleased when readers of The Wine Layman’s Blog or listeners of The Drinkcast comment or contribute their input.  If you submit a form or comment for either of these entities, you are giving Home Wine Tasting HQ permission, for the purposes of recognition, to use your FIRST NAME and general area of location from the form you’ve submitted. The rest will not be used publicly.  For comments on the Wine Layman’s Blog, all comments are public upon their posting.  If you do not wish to have a name shown publicly, then please refrain from posting comments.

This is the only area in which we allow public comments on this website.  The Wine Layman’s Blog is here to encourage thoughtful discussion about wine, drinks, food and other related discussion on said subjects.  Everyone has an opinion, that includes us. The Wine Layman will be engaging in discussion with you from time to time. However, if you have any issues regarding the content of any blog posts or other commenters, please do not take it upon yourself to start a war of words on this website.  Our moderator keeps a watchful eye over what transpires.  We ask that you keep it clean and respectful.  If for any reason we think the situation is getting out of hand or inappropriate language, links to inappropriate websites or other things of that nature are being put on this website, we will immediately remove all comments related to the discussion thread.  In summary, no bullying, no pornography, no get rich quick schemes, keep the language clean please, and please don’t spoil everyone else’s good time.