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FAQs/How Our Wine Experiences Work

Home FAQs/How Our Wine Experiences Work

FAQ’s/How our Wine Experiences Work

Q. How long does a Home Wine Tasting HQ wine experience last?

Our wine tasting experiences are great for groups between 10-20 people and usually last an hour and a half give or take.

Q. Where does the wine come from? Is there food involved?

Home Wine Tasting HQ supplies the wine. How much & what type depends on what you’d like and size of the group. This is discussed in the initial planning stages.  Food is up to the host to supply & how much is entirely up to you. From cheese, fruit, or crackers, to dinner or lunch.

Q. What can I expect at one of these wine experiences? Can I buy wine directly from you?

There is no wine for sale at any of our wine tasting experiences.  Any unfinished wine will be left for you to enjoy afterwards. Just get ready to taste, learn, enjoy, and be involved and have a great time. We come to your home or place of business using our easy to follow wine lingo through a series of games, humor, and engagement techniques that will have everyone, even those who have never taken a sip of wine getting in on the enjoyment.

Q. What is the cost of a wine experience?

This completely depends on the size of the group. Even if you’re not sure of details, please get in touch with us so we can estimate what the cost of your wine experience will be based on your particular situation which we WILL work within. Plus we’re always happy to give discounts for first timers, or on the spot.

Q. Do you handle corporate parties? How about special occasions like birthday parties, showers, baptisms, etc.?

Yes we certainly do. On a number of occasions, our “fun wine education” format takes a back seat to just letting people mingle at larger and more personable events like these.  We are more than happy to be part of the staff to help make your event a success. Get in touch with us if we can be of service.

Q. Do you do Kosher wine tastings?

We sure do.